About — Sebastian Dröge (slomo)

I am, among other things, a freedom loving human being trying to understand the world we're living in and make it a better place.

I spend some of my time writing Free Software, and also make my living with that.

I am one of the founders of Centricular Ltd. and work there, as director and software engineer. We are providing consultancy services around Free Software with a focus on GStreamer, Multimedia and Graphics (but not only that).

Here you can find some information about myself.


You can contact me via email at slomo at coaxion dot net and could use my PGP key from here for encrypting any mails or checking the authenticity of my mails. My key's fingerprint is

7F4B C7CC 3CA0 6F97 336B BFEB 0668 CC14 86C2 D7B5

If you prefer real time communication you can also write me a message via XMPP at slomo at coaxion dot net or catch me on IRC as slomo on irc.freenode.org (e.g. in #gstreamer) or irc.gnome.org (e.g. in #gnome-hackers).


Whenever I have something to write about I will put it on my Blog. Feel free to subscribe to it.

Free Software projects

I am contributing regularly to GNOME, Debian and GStreamer.

Some random code I wrote can be found on GitHub or my personal fd.o GIT repository.

Elsewhere on the Internet