GStreamer Rust bindings release 0.8.0

As written in the previous blog post, I’m working on nice Rust bindings for GStreamer. Now it’s finally time for the first release, 0.8.0.

First of all, I should thank Arturo Castro a lot. He worked on the previous GStreamer bindings (versions < 0.8.0), which were all manually written instead of mostly autogenerated like the new ones. As such, the API is now completely different but the old bindings can still be found here.

Also I should thank Philippe Normand and fengalin for their work on (and usage of) the bindings and reporting various problems to me.

This first release of the new bindings features bindings to almost all of GStreamer core, app and the player library, and the most important parts of the GStreamer audio and video libraries (mostly for handling caps). Each library is in their own crate, just like in C. The documentation can be found here, but unfortunately due to various rustdoc bugs and tooling issues with extracting the documentation from the C API, this is not as nice as it could be yet but that’s just a matter of time.

Let me know if you run into any problems, find API that is missing for your usage, and of course also how/what you’re using the bindings for. Especially if it’s an Open Source project. Bugs, feature requests, patches, etc. can be submitted on the GitHub repository.

And if you want to get started with using the bindings, in addition to the documentation there are various examples available in the GIT repository.

If someone wonders about why the other crates also started with version 0.8.0 instead of 0.1.0: they are all going to stay in sync API-wise and having the same version number for the versions that are compatible with each other is going to make it less confusing for users.