New job (and company)

I have a new job! After working for 5+ years for Collabora, I decided that it’s time for a change and have quit my contract there early September. These have been great years, working with so many brilliant people on Free Software, but time to move on!

So for the future, it’s actually more than just a new job. Together with fellow GStreamer hackers Tim-Philipp Müller and Jan Schmidt we founded a new company: Centricular Ltd.. We are going to provide consultancy services around Free Software with a focus on GStreamer, Multimedia and Graphics initially (but not exclusively). Technically, not much will change in the kind of work I’m doing compared to the past, but this time we will handle everything ourselves so we can better serve the needs of our customers and are more flexible. Hopefully this also provides an even better work environment within a group of equals and gives us more time to contribute to GStreamer and other Free Software projects.

Check our website for a list of Open Source technologies we cover and services we will offer. Obviously this list is not complete and we will try to broaden it over time, so if you have anything interesting that is not listed there but you would need someone for, just ask.

We will also be at the GStreamer Conference in Edinburgh next week.

Great times ahead! 🙂

2 thoughts on “New job (and company)”

  1. Like Jean I’ve also observed that several people on Planet GNOME announced at the same time that they’re leaving Collabora: Nirbheek Chauhan, Jean-François Fortin Tam, Rodrigo Moya and you too. Why are so much people leaving? It doesn’t seem like coincidence to me that four people are “looking for a new challenge”. I don’t know how big Collabora is, has it not been gutted by this brain drain?

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